• Modern cozy lighting, two pendants lights create the desired warm interior atmosphere

    Handcrafted Lights

    by Jennifer Miller

  • Modern cozy lighting, three pendants lights create the desired warm interior atmosphere, multi-colored
    Designed in Germany Made to Last
  • Modern cozy lighting, golden pendants light creates the desired warm interior atmosphere, golden paint
    Made from Wood For the Future

Sculptures made of light

Welcome to a world of hand crafted, high end interior lighting, offering you beautiful handmade designs with a sustainable and artistic outset. A a statement for stylish and conscious living.
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Balanced Lighting Design

The Role of Shadow at Cahaya

Interior lighting is not just a matter of light – shadows play an equally important role. At CAHAYA, light and shadows bring out the full effect of textures and shapes. Without this contrast, materials and objects can appear flat and lifeless.

The CAHAYA wall light not only provides light but also casts unique shadows that elevate the room’s aesthetics to a new level. Perfect for creating a striking atmosphere in any space.

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The go-to guide to transform your home into a luminous haven! From mastering the art of ambiance to secrets on cutting energy costs without sacrificing the romance of candlelight dinners.

A hommage to creativity

Design to shape light


Artful lighting for modern rooms

CAHAYA lights are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. All designs are made to the highest European standards in Germany. The inspiration is drawn from all over the world, with a particular focus on Australian design influences, resulting in lighting fixtures that are not only visually stunning, but also crafted with precision and functionality in mind.

With CAHAYA lights, you can be confident that you are bringing the finest lighting into your space, where you seek contemplation and relaxation. Illuminate your space with CAHAYA and experience the transformative power of beautiful, high-quality lighting.


Handcrafted Lighting

My mission is to deliver exceptional yet simple lighting design solutions. I always look for the perfect symbiosis between light and shadow. All designs are fueled by an obsession with natural materials, high quality craftsmanship and long lasting lighting designs.


The right mood

Lighting can have a powerful effect on the mood and how you feel in an environment. It can also help to improve the aesthetic of a space. By carefully considering the right lighting, one can significantly enhance their daily life and create a more enjoyable setting.

European Standard

For the perfect atmosphere in your home, the right lighting can help set the scene and boost your life. If you want to enjoy a touch of exclusivity, you can use lamps that are impressive in design. CAHAYA lamps are beautiful and stylish designs, for a perfect interior.


Immerse yourself to the studies of geometric alchemy

What Customers Say

  • “A lamp from the CAHAYA Series isn’t just a source of light, but a piece of art that has captivated every guest who steps foot in my home, leaving them entranced by its magical dance of shadows on the walls. It’s a masterstroke in light design, transforming the very essence of my living space.”

    Kevin, CEO Kyoto, Japan
  • “Great craftsmanship and high standard of quality. The lights create a beautiful and creative atmosphere in our home. Highly recommended!”

    Anthony, Musician Germany
  • “10/10 – The artworks are beautiful! I discussed the composition of the three with Jenni and I am very happy.”

    Carla, Architect Hamburg
  • “We have a custom-made golden pendant hanging in our hallway and it is the center of attention. Our guests who visit our home from the first time are absolutely stunned by it, especially in the evening when it casts its beautiful light on the walls. It looks as if we had a very arty wallpaper that comes to life when the lamp moves in an air current. Thank you so much for this fancy light sculpture!”

    Sina, VR Specialist Germany
  • “Our beautiful light creates a lovely atmosphere in our space and is simply extraordinary. Great craftsmanship – you can tell that Jenni´s work is make with love and passion.”

    Merle, Customer Sylt, Germany
Meet the Designer
Conversations with the Designer + + +
The face behind the brand

Jennifer Miller

Jenni Miller, founder of CAHAYA Studio, is a German artist driven by a deep passion for geometric shapes and architectural alchemy. She completed her architectural studies at Curtin University of Western Australia. Jenni’s works are distributed internationally and continues to create a new set of theories about how lighting should influence its surrounding.

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