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Cahaya Small

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The CAHAYA wall lamp is a unique creation that has been designed with great attention to detail. Each of the 36 lamellae has been carefully cut with the help of a laser and then hand-painted and refined. The result is a fascinating combination of shape, light and shadow that creates a breathtaking light show.

The light shines from the inside out, creating a unique atmosphere in the room. Especially at night, the Cahaya Wall Lamp unfolds its full effect and becomes a true eye-catcher. The lamellae allow the light to shine through in a very special way, creating a wonderful effect.

The word Cahaya comes from the Indonesian language and means Light. The lamp is manufactured in Germany and thus embodies a successful fusion of Asian minimal design and German precision.

The Cahaya Wall Lamp is not only a functional lighting element but also an artistic object that pleases the eye and enriches the ambiance of the room. If you are looking for an extraordinary and stylish lighting solution, the Cahaya Wall Lamp is the perfect choice.

Each lamp is a unique creation of the designer Jennifer Miller.

Product Information:

+ Made to order
+ Ø 250mm, height 130 mm
+ E27
+ Color: gold painted
+ Material: wood
+ Bulb included
+ Cable – 2,5m
+ handcrafted with the help of modern laser technique

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