cahaya Lighting Magic Meets South Fremantle´s Unique Vibe

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The Story Behind CAHAYA and “Wild in the Street”

In the bustling heart of South Fremantle, a collaboration was born that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of creativity and culinary. The paths of CAHAYA Studio and the bar & restaurant “Wild in the Street”, steered by Ben Foss, crossed not just as professionals but as good friends with a shared zest for the wilder things in life. This bond, rooted in mutual respect and a passion for hands-on work, laid the groundwork for a project that would redefine the ambiance of one of Perth’s most beloved bars and restaurants.


CAHAYA Studio, renowned for its unique lighting designs, has always championed the cause of the individual. Each project is a narrative in light, tailored to illuminate not just spaces but the stories they hold. Similarly, “Wild in the Street” has carved its niche in Perth’s culinary scene, not just as a bar and restaurant but as a sanctuary where good food, drinks, and ambiance converge to create unforgettable moments.

The hallmark feature at “Wild in the Street” is the ingenious use of wall lights that create a mesmerizing play of light and shadow across a structured wall, reminiscent of the ocean’s ever-changing waves. This particular design choice showcases CAHAYA Studio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional lighting, using light itself as a medium to paint scenes that captivate and enchant.

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This collaboration between CAHAYA Studio and “Wild in the Street” is a reminder of the magic that happens when two entities with a shared love for the individual, a keen eye for design, and a passion for bringing people together join forces. It’s a celebration of how good food, drinks, and exceptional interior design, when paired with the perfect lighting, can elevate a dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

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